// About the ID4Africa Movement

// The Challenge

Africa’s economic growth is accelerating but the benefits are unevenly distributed. For social development to match economic growth and generate long-term gains, inclusiveness is essential. There is a clear need for robust national systems that provide identity to all Africans, ensuring that everyone can access government services and benefits, prove their eligibility and be included in Africa’s democracy and economic take-off.

Our Vision

Identity for all in Africa as a driver for social and economic development.

// The Mission

While in broad terms, ID4Africa is a movement to promote the responsible adoption of modern digital identity systems as drivers of socio-economic development, the mission consists of 5 specific modules of activities (listed on the right):

// The Annual Meeting: Forum & Expo

A central component of the ID4Africa movement is the annual meeting which allows the movement to define the agenda year after year and to achieve the stated objectives. This annual meeting is a forum and expo focused on digital identity and its applications for driving socio-economic development in Africa. It is held each year in a different African country that will act as a host for the event and it reunites, under one place, four key stakeholder groups in the identity space:

  • The identity authorities and users in African countries
  • The international development agencies
  • The solution providers
  • The domain experts

Our Mission Modules

  1. Promote the responsible adoption of digital identity in order to enhance people’s lives, make them visible, and empower them to claim and exercise their rights from birth-to-death with dignity and respect.
  2. Promote access to knowledge and information by the identity stakeholders so that policies and investments about identity systems are informed and based on sound evidence and experience.
  3. Promote South-South knowledge transfer related to identity in order to better understand the practical implications of different options depending on the context.
  4. Promote the emergence of a robust commercial identity marketplace, which allows many vendors, products, solutions, and technologies, to continually compete on innovations, features, performance and price for the benefit of Africa.
  5. Organize in Africa an annual meeting, accessible to all African Nations, in order to actively engage and discuss identity matters and to lay out the ID development agenda for the upcoming year.

The ID4Africa Forum

Is comprehensive in its coverage of identity issues involved from foundational identity programs such as national ID and civil registration, to functional applications such as the use of digital identity in social protection and labor, elections, health care, mobile payments, to improving national security, border management and population management of refugees and other migratory groups. The forum serves capacity building, where African delegates could learn about their options and explain their problems and challenges and seek input and advice from domain experts and vendors. It is also an opportunity for the international development agencies and donors to gain insight into trends and needs in their focus practices and geographic zones in order to help in their engagement planning and development.

The ID4Africa Expo

Brings together, in conjunction with the Forum, the world’s leading solution providers under one roof. It is the largest in Africa and it gives the attendees the opportunity to see and experience first-hand the wide range of innovations related to identification technologies, biometrics, mobile solutions, smart cards, system integration, Identity-related information systems, authentication and general identification systems.

Both pay particular attention to the context required for the adoption and deployment of responsible identity systems including the necessary legal frameworks, institutional arrangements, governance, data protection, privacy and human rights.

// Community and Knowledge Exchange

ID4Africa is creating a community of concerned parties and individuals who understand that robust digital identity systems can accelerate inclusiveness, growth and socio-economic development in Africa. Initially the annual meeting will serve as the focal point for knowledge exchange and networking between stakeholders. In time the ID4Africa movement will include further opportunities for people and organizations to meet, discuss challenges, explore solutions and use digital identity to further social and economic development in Africa.