//  Events by ID4Africa

Throughout the year, ID4Africa hosts several events that support the Identity Movement. Chief among them are the Annual Meeting, ID4Africa Ambassadors Summit (IAS) and the Round Table of African Data Protection Authorities (RADPA).

// Annual Meetings

The ID4Africa Annual Meeting is conceived to give the continent a sustainable voice focused on identity management matters relevant to Africa. The primary objective is to create a platform for governments of African states to jointly explore how national electronic identity can further the economic and social development in their countries.

The ID4Africa Annual Meeting is a journey that started in 2015 in Tanzania and is continuing year after year in different African countries with themes and topics that evolve to reflect what and where Africa’s needs will be over time.


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// ID4Africa Ambassadors Summit (IAS)

The IAS is an ID4Africa meeting held the day before the Annual Meeting. It allows the Ambassadors to give feedback to the Movement,  and influence its direction by making it aware of the issues of high priority in their respective countries. The IAS is presided by the ID4Africa Executive Chairman.

This year, at the IAS a new institution was launched: The ID4Africa Identity Council (IIC), which is an expert body that is  intended to provide guidance and advice to African Governments on identity matters. During the meeting that followed the IAS, the IIC elected a President and Vice-President, for their leadership and conducted the first inaugural IIC meeting.

For further details on the IIC and the IAS, please click here.


RADPA is open only to Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) and invited international agency representatives that are active in this domain.  The purpose of RADPA is to promote a Pan-African dialogue within the data protection community, to allow the authorities to network and coordinate their positions on general matters related to privacy and data protection in general, and not just as they relate to identity systems.

For further details on RADPA 2019, please click here.

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