// Executive Committee

Dr. Joseph J. Atick

Executive Chairman, ID4Africa

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Dr. Joseph Atick, is the Founder and Chairman of Identity Counsel International (ICI), an advisory body providing guidance to governments and international development organizations on identity matters, and which is focused on helping the world adopt identity technology efficiently, responsibly and for the common good. In addition to his role at the ICI, Dr. Atick also serves as Chairman of ID4Africa which he co-founded in 2014. He is a recognized identification and biometrics industry pioneer and veteran, having been continually involved in the space since its inception, nearly 25 years ago, and through a series of companies that he co-founded and led from the early development phase through validation and commercialization and exit. These include Visionics, Identix, and L-1 Identity Solutions and finally the Identity Counsel International, which he founded upon retirement from the industry in 2010 to dedicate his time to public policy matters related to identity. Today, the Identity Counsel is a partner of several international organizations including the World Bank and co-chairs several forums on identity worldwide. Dr. Atick is the co-founder and a Director Emeritus of the International Biometrics and Identification Association. He was the head of the Computational Neuroscience Laboratory at Rockefeller University and the Neural Cybernetics Group at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. He is an author, thought leader and highly sought after speaker at international conferences and a frequent commentator in the media and testifies regularly in front of governmental committees and bodies worldwide.

Greg Pote

President, ID4Africa

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Greg Pote is Chairman of the Asia Pacific Smart Card Association (APSCA), the only regional industry association for secure smart chip technology applications in Asia, which he co-founded in 1997. Based in Shanghai, Greg travels throughout the region to promote smart card, contactless and NFC business and work with APSCA members to assist in developing their smart card businesses, initiatives and schemes. Greg has spoken at more than 160 industry conferences, forums and seminars covering smart card business and technology across 14 countries in Asia, the Gulf and Europe. Greg chaired the majority of these industry events, including moderating business and technology discussions with leading experts from governments, banks, transport operators, telecoms operators and technology companies. Greg was one of several subject matter experts requested to speak in the Hong Kong Legislative Council session to support the request for funding by the Hong Kong Immigration Department for the implementation of the first generation Hong Kong Smart Identity Card. He has also served as a jury member for both the Cartes Paris and Cartes in Asia SESAMES awards, as well as the NFC Forum & WIMA Global Competition and the PKI Innovation Awards. He has provided consultancy to APSCA members and advised both end-user organisations and suppliers on the technology roadmap and business strategies for identity and payments. Greg has written industry reports and articles and is a well-known industry figure. In addition to his role at APSCA, Greg also serves as President of ID4Africa which he co-founded in 2014.

Veronica Ribeiro

Director, ID4Africa

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Veronica Ribeiro is Director of ID4Africa and APSCA, where she is responsible for managing the end-to-end operations involved with each event, including invitations and communication, event sponsorships, logistics and marketing. She works closely with her team and the Chairman to drive awareness of the Association, engage new members, and strategically spearhead the management of all APSCA events. Since joining APSCA in 2001, she has successfully managed over 100 smart card technology forums, workshops and conferences for segments covering national identity cards and documents, EMV, NFC, transport ticketing, e-Health and e-Payments. Through these events Veronica has established strong relationships with government agencies in Asia, Europe and Africa, particularly those with responsibilities in electronic identity management and border control. In addition to her role at APSCA, Veronica serves in a similar capacity at ID4Africa where she represents the company as its Treasurer since its launch in 2014. Prior to APSCA, Veronica has 10 years’ experience in private banking, where she recruited and managed accounts for individual high net worth customers at international firms such as CitiBank, Chase Manhattan Bank and BNP. Following her private banking career she joined International SOS Hong Kong where she led the sales and marketing team in recruiting and working with institutional clients including insurance companies and banks.

// Board of Advisors

ID4Africa is honored to have internationally renowned individuals on its advisory board. These individuals represent organisations that have active interest in Africa and have shown their passion for supporting the socio-economic development of the continent through the responsible adoption of change drivers. For ID4Africa they provide guidance and vision to ensure that the forum is always relevant and impactful for the community it is designed to serve.

Members of the Board of Advisers include:

Robert Palacios

Global Thematic Group Leader
The World Bank

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Robert Palacios is Global Thematic Group Leader for Pensions and Social Insurance in the Social Protection and Labor Practice of the World Bank. Between 1992-1994, he was a member of the research department team that produced the World Bank‘s influential volume on international pension systems, “Averting the Old Age Crisis: Policies to Protect the Old and Promote Growth”. Since 1995, he has divided his time between operational work and research with work in more than two dozen countries, most recently focusing on South Asia. His publications include articles and books on old age poverty, health insurance and a wide range of pension policy issues. His current areas of special interest include integration of policies across social sectors and use of technology to deliver and track social programs. He represents the SPL Global Practice on the recently constituted ID4D Working Group, a high level initiative aimed at developing the World Bank’s approach to identification and civil registration.

Niall McCann

Lead Electoral Advisor
Bureau of Policy and Programme Support

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Niall McCann is UNDP’s Lead Electoral Advisor, based at the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support in New York. In this position he provides programming and advisory support to UNDP Country Offices engaged in providing electoral assistance (approximately 60 per year), as well as contributing to the development of the UN’s electoral assistance policy, as issued by the Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs. Since 2005, he has worked for a number of both UN and EU field missions, providing frontline electoral assistance to the national electoral authorities in Sierra Leone, Lebanon, Liberia, Zambia, Yemen and Afghanistan. In election observation, he observed at Deputy Chief Observer/Deputy Head of Mission level for the European Union and the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in Sudan and Croatia, and he also served in numerous other Core Teams for OSCE/ODIHR in Romania, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. From 1996-1999, he was Elections Officer/Senior Elections Officer with the OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Alan Gelb

Senior Fellow
Center for Global Development

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Alan Gelb is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development. His recent research includes the applications of biometric ID technology for development purposes particularly in low and middle-income countries, the special challenges of resource-rich countries, and instruments to link aid flows to results. He also works on competitiveness and industrial development, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. He was previously director of development policy at the World Bank, and before that chief economist for the Bank’s Africa region and staff director for the 1996 World Development Report “From Plan to Market.”. He has published widely in these areas, including in refereed journals.

Raj Gautam Mitra

Chief, Demographic and Social Statistics

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Raj Mitra started his career by joining the Indian Statistical Service in 1981, a specialized civil service to manage statistical systems in the Central Government. During his initial service he managed field statistical activities including conducting population and housing census in one of the states in India. During 25 year of his service in the Government of India he held senior positions including Head of the Civil Registration Division and Head of the Census Division in the Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner. He also managed a pilot project on Multi-National National Identity Card. Prior to joining UNECA he was the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist in UNICEF India. During his tenure in UNICEF he supported the Government of India in strengthening major data systems that produce data on child related indicators. He contributed significantly in revamping the CRVS system in India and also successfully conducting the 2001 Census in India. In UNECA, he is leading an Africa programme on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics and coordinating programmes on Population and Housing Census, Gender Statistics and Statistics on Development Indicators.

Samatar Omar Elmi

Samatar Omar Elmi
Senior ICT Officer
African Development Bank

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Samatar Omar Elmi is the Senior ICT Project Manager for Department Transportation, Urban Development, and ICT at the African Development Bank (ADB). He began his career in telecommunications in Djibouti prior to joining ADB in 2011. Since then he has led the investigation and the implementation of several structural projects on the continent, the most emblematic being the Dorsal fiber optics scheme interconnecting the regional countries of Central Africa. Beyond infrastructure, he has worked on various projects implementing ICT development through various African countries. He has begun several initiatives (studies and investment projects) on the modernization of the value chain within the civil state using the underlying data facts (births, deaths, marriages, and divorces) to establish national systems of electronic identification management for which the applications are limitless. He holds an engineering degree from Telecom Saint-Etienne (France) and a Master’s in Economics and International Development from the School of Economics at the University of Auvergne (France).

Prof. Dr. Rafael Capurro

President, International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE)
Distinguished Researcher,
African Center for Excellence for Information Ethics

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Professor Rafael Capurro is an internationally renowned academic specialist in information ethics and was Professor of information management and information ethics at Stuttgart Media University in Germany from 1986 to 2009, when he entered emeritus status. Since then he has been Director of the Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin Institute of Information Ethics, (2008-2013), and then a Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Digital Ethics at, Stuttgart Media University. Rafael has been the founder (or co-founder) of many highly regarded organizations including the Africa Network for Information Ethics (ANIE), International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE), International Society for Information Studies, Capurro Fiek Foundation and he is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Review of Information Ethics (IRIE).